Nickel on the Grass is a series of vignettes that capture the life of an extraordinary aviator, fighter pilot and leader, Colonel Phil Handley. In a career that spanned 26 years "Hands" earned a reputation as an exceptional pilot and leader in war and peace. I do not know anybody who served with him who does not admire him for his dedication, integrity and courage.

The central theme of the stories he relates is that the fraternity of true fighter pilots is made up of men who share a love of adventure, have exceptional flying skills, are willing to risk all rather than admit defeat and believe earning the respect of their peers is their greatest accomplishment. The really good ones possess a sixth sense about people and machines that gives them an edge over mere mortals in the air and on the ground. This is a book about a man who lived most of the stories and counts among his friends and acquaintances the central characters in the others. It has been my privilege to have been his friend and fellow fighter pilot for the past 30 years.

General Ron Fogleman, USAF, Ret.
Chief of Staff, USAF, 1994-1997

as a Limited Edition Litho Print

On June 2, 1972, flying an F-4E Phantom II at over 1.2 mach, United States Air Force Maj. Phil "Hands" Handley shot down a MiG-19 with 20mm cannon fire. It was the second victory for an F-4 with internal cannon, the only MiG-19 shot down by cannon fire during the course of the Vietnam War, and believed to be the highest speed gun kill in the history of aerial combat.

image size 17.25" x 20" edition 500
signed & numbered by the artist
co-signed by Col. Handley USAF (Ret.)
available through artist's website