Table of Figures

Figure 1 - Author in F-15A above snow covered Bitburg Air Base, Germany xv
Figure 2 - Colonel Phil "Hands" Handley United States Air Force (Retired) xvii
Figure 3 - North American T-28A Trojan 1
Figure 4 - Mitsubishi A6M Zero-Sen (Zeke)3
Figure 5 - Aviation Cadet Phil Handley on wing of Lockheed T-33A T-Bird at Reese AFB, Texas4
Figure 6 - Grumman F6F Hellcat6
Figure 7 - Tactical Air Command Lockheed C-130A Hercules10
Figure 8 - Douglass C-124 Globemaster II12
Figure 9 - The infamous "Chateau" in Acquigny, France14
Figure 10 - Typical Citroen CV-2 "Cigarette Roller"17
Figure 11 - Author at Leh Airfield, Tibet22
Figure 12 - Rotation to vertical climb from takeoff at Lockbourne AFB,Ohio on July 4, 196527
Figure 13 - Northrop T-38A Talon (White Rocket)30
Figure 14 - Philippino Negrito Natives preparing dinner for "Snake School" students43
Figure 15 - Ban Phan Nop choke point on the Ho Chi Minh Trail with numerous bomb craters visible56
Figure 16 - O-2 Skymaster56
Figure 17 - OV-10 Bronco57
Figure 18 - F-100F as used by the Misty FAC operating from Phu Cat Air Base, South Vietnam57
Figure 19 - AC-130A Spectre on ramp at Ubon RTAFB, Thailand58
Figure 20 - Spectre's twin 20mm gatling guns each with 100 rounds per second rate of fire59
Figure 21 - 8th Tac Fighter Wing "Wolf Pack" F-4D62
Figure 22 - "Guns Valley" near "The Caves at Sam Neua"63
Figure 23 - Spectre I.O. scanner in observation position on the AC-130's open, aft cargo ramp65
Figure 24 - Four ship diamond formation of F-4E Phantoms71
Figure 25 - "Run for the Roses"76
Figure 26 - McDonnell Douglas RF-4C79
Figure 27 - Rhino Charge Painting83
Figure 28 - Overhead view of air-to-air engagement84
Figure 29 - Maj. Phil Handley & 1/Lt. Jack Smallwood after landing at Udorn RTAFB, Thailand94
Figure 30 - 1/Lt. Jack Smallwood, WSO, Sgt. Steve Accup, Crew Chief, Major Phil Handley, Pilot94
Figure 31 - Rich Thistle at his easel in creation of Rhino Charge95
Figure 32 - Suspended scale models of aircraft and bullet stream used by artist95
Figure 33 - Geometrically accurate drawing used to depict visible tracer rounds on painting96
Figure 34 - The first F-15A Eagle, 76-049, delivered to Bitburg Air Base, Germany and flown the author on its initial sortie110
Figure 35 - 1973 Chevy Z-28 "Mercedes Eater"115
Figure 36 - Lockheed F-104C Starfighter119
Figure 37 - Flight of F-4 Phantoms air-refueling from KC-135 tanker122
Figure 38 - MiG-21 Fishbed C126
Figure 39 - Lockheed RC-121 (Disco)128
Figure 40 - KC-135 Boomer's view of F-4E in refueling position129
Figure 41 - 1964 Porsche 356C and McDonnell Douglas F-4C138
Figure 42 - Sikorsky HH-53 "Super Jolly Green Giant" Helicopter140
Figure 43 - Mu Gia Pass choke point with numerous bomb craters visible144
Figure 44 - "The Roadrunner" VR landmark on PDJ of the Barrel Roll combat operations sector of Laos145
Figure 45 - Wolf FAC entering Ban Karai Pass at "The Dog's Head" VR landmark149
Figure 46 - North American F-86F Sabre155
Figure 47 - 1/Lt Don "Bullet" Boulet159
Figure 48 - 1/Lt. Jack "Karst" Smallwood on ramp at Udorn Royal Thai Air Base, Thailand175
Figure 49 - Squadron Dinner Party196
Figure 50 - Wives Cockpit Orientation Day197